Monday, 14 May 2007

single and aiming for a financially stable partner

Its probably (hopefully) not too obvious in this blog that I’m single (and as it happens female). I’m not looking for a boyfriend at the moment, although if one turns up that would be ok. But I wouln’t want my fiscal stability upset by mingling my finances with someone irresponsible. Is it ok to weed out potential partners based on the state of their finances?

On reflection, I think that its unlikely that I’d be attracted to someone who was truly reckless – in money or other matters – I’m just not that adventurous. On the other hand, asking someone about their credit card bills on a first date is probably a significant enough social faux pas that there wouldn’t be a second date.

They say that you can’t change a man (or woman for that matter) so I’m stuck with hoping that any future contenders are financially stable – or at least not going to drag me down with them.


ispf said...

"Is it ok to weed out potential partners based on the state of their finances?"

Personal opinion: I not only think its OK, but think it should be "required" to do this! My parents couldnt see eye to eye about money and to this day (35+ years into their marriage!) they have not been able to resolve their differences!!! Don't even ask what kind of impact that has had on us kids :) Between the better half and I, we never really talked about this when we dated, but I somehow seem to have "sensed" it that we were on the same page.

PS: If you do ask someone about his credit card bills, dont forget to let us all know what the immediate response was :)

plonkee said...

I think that partly I don't want to appear to be too calculating (or fussy). I wouldn't want anyone to think I was after someone for their money.

Hopefully I'll meet someone who is one the same page naturally. Then we can argue about something else.

English Major said...

Sometimes I wonder if opposites really do attract. I'm...well, you pretty much know how I am about money. My boyfriend (who's turning 30 pretty soon) has yet to do a budget, let alone save money for retirement (or anything else). What I keep saying is, "When you want me to help, I'll help." I don't want to be too pushy about it.

At the same time, if I were to start thinking about marriage and a joint life...this would give me serious pause. I don't want to be anyone's enforcer. I want a partner who's just as gung-ho as I am about all this money stuff.